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Sep 30, 2009
Crossdress sex

crossdress sex

In A Nutshell

If you enjoy the cross-dressing niche, but would like to find a site that's really different, then JackOffLingerie might be just what you're looking for, and it might be much more too.

The site has all the pretty boys that look like girls even before they put on their makeup and pretty clothes, but that's not the site's main thrust. What the site has a lot of, is big burly men that are into cross-dressing, and it's very entertaining as well as being very hot.

If you're gay or bi, then you'll love the site, and if you're straight there's still a good chance that you'll find the site weird and fun and worth checking out.

What's Inside

The first page you land on after logging in is called, 'All' which thankfully it isn't. It's called 'All' because it has links to all the image galleries, and not to just the panties or lingerie ones. The site has a ton of videos too and well get to them shortly.

This first page is divided into two parts and has clickable links down both sides, with one side taking you to the panty galleries and the other to the lingerie galleries. I clicked on a random thumb and got taken to page showing all the galleries in the panties category and saw that every sub-gallery contains 40 pictures. The full size images are very good quality and they show masturbation, posing and very painful looking piercing, and there's a mixture of indoor and outdoor locations.

The stills are all fully downloadable, or you can view a slide show if you want to view each picture and still have both hands free. There's also a place where you can leave your comments too, as soon as your writing hand is free, and that's a welcome feature.

Right across the top and bottom of every page on the site is a main menu-bar which I found excellent, and there's also a link to customer service at the bottom of every page. I did send a question and was pleased to get an easy to read informative reply after just a couple of hours.

You can never get lost at JackOffLingerie, and I wish a lot more sites made their navigation just as easy.

After the 'All' button come two more which will take you to either the lingerie or panties galleries, as mentioned above.

Next up is a link to Panty Paul's and clicking on that takes you to something pretty weird. The galleries in this section all contain pictures of a big masculine guy with a big beard and a hairy body that wears all different kinds of dresses, skirts and lingerie. Paul obviously loves jerking off, and he does a lot of it for his visitors and obviously for himself too.

The next button takes you to the HDV part of the site which has entertaining movies that average about 14 minutes each and obviously the quality is excellent. I'd love to see more vids in this section, and to be fair, they are getting added to regularly.

A link entitled 'Other' leads to by far the biggest section of the site and it has a lot of hardcore content too. The theme of the videos is crossdressing and in addition to dressing up like chicks, the guys obviously like to do a lot of fucking and sucking too. Clicking on a thumb in this section takes you to a page with a video player, related videos, and some very passive advertizing which only takes you to ads for other sites on the network if you click on them. The videos that I tried loaded effortlessly and played flawlessly.

What happened after I clicked the final link called, Bonuses: Comics completely surprised me, and in a very pleasant way too! You get taken to a login page where you enter the same username and password that you used to get into JackOffLingerie and you're suddenly presented with wonderfully colored comics. Their theme is cross-dressing and they're highly professional, and have real story lines, plus there are lots of them. If you enjoy comics and cross-dressing then it would be worth joining Jack Off Lingerie just for this section.


JackOffLingerie is already a very popular cross-dressing site and if you've visited a few already then you'll understand what makes it stand out from the rest.

No other cross dressing site that I know of has handsome hunks that might be firemen, cops, construction workers and truck drivers all wearing girly clothes, and the site is real fun and very interesting in addition to the sexual aspect. And then there's the comics!

Crossdressing sex

Sep 22, 2009
Crossdressing videos

crossdressing videos

The BigDickGirls site has some of the naughtiest cross dressers that you'll find anywhere, and it definitely has some of the best looking and sexually active ones.

If you're looking for old, tired and worn-out looking queens then this is definitely not the site for you.

The cute young guys on this site know what they want and need, and they know exactly how to get it. They meticulously put on their makeup and pretty clothes, and when they're looking fantastic they go out to get laid and blown, and that's what they get.

Most of the guys that pick them up are gay, but if a horny straight guy comes their way then he's often easy prey. He either finds out too late that he's fucking an ass and not a pussy, or a professional looking blowjob seals his fate, and he'll probably be fucking ass, and vice versa for the rest of his life.

There's lots of content on the site, and it's extreme hardcore, 100% exclusive and high quality, which perhaps explains why the site is so well loved and appreciated.

If you enjoy cross-dressing sites then you should love this one, so go take a look at the tour which will give you a real a feeling in your pants for what's inside.

BigDickGirls is becoming very very popular and you'll understand why when you check out the price which is spot on, and makes signing up almost irresistible.

Enter BigdickGirls now!

Sep 20, 2009
Crossdress porn

crossdress porn

If you're unfamiliar with tranny and cross-dresser sites, then GayLikeGirl would be a great introduction to both niches, because it's the only site that I know of, that rolls the two niches into one.

According to reports, the majority of cross dressers are not gay, but that's somewhat hard to believe, when you see the ones on this site sucking cock and getting fucked hard in the ass at the same time.

The men on the site, if you can call them that, are really women in men's bodies, and they're determined to get free and to enjoy what women enjoy and they do just that.

Dressing up as women is not some bizarre hobby for them, but is a must do thing.

The trannies and cross-dressers on this site probably got made fun of in college. and were called sissies, but the same guys that teased them, now can't wait to wine them and dine them, and revenge is sweet.

To see the change that takes place, when a young man, slowly puts on his makeup, a pretty bra and panties, pantyhose, pretty clothes and then high heels, is really fascinating and these scenes alone show guarantee not just a gay and bisexual audience, but a straight one too.

GayLikeGirl already has tons of great looking pictures and high quality videos, and updates are coming fast, and tour gives a really good idea of what's members are getting.

The price is right about where it should be, or is perhaps a bit low, so go take at the site now.

Crossdressing porn at GayLikeGirl