Our Mission

The TamBayBiz Group  goal is to increase profits by using the Internet to collectively market our businesses, products and services.
The organization meets monthly to advance its members’ Internet marketing knowledge and expertise.


1. Internet marketing discussion group (What works,what doesn’t work)

2. Exchange of Internet marketing information (Where & how)

3. Group support for Internet activities (Metatags – Keywords – Search Engines)

4. Internet Link Exchange Newsletter, E-mailed to each member

5. TamBayBiz Group Internet web site (www.tambaybiz.com)

6. TamBayBiz Group web site quarterly submission to all the major search engines & free listing sites (Yahoo, Excite, Lycos, HotBot,WebCrawler, AltaVista & Infoseek)

7. TamBayBiz Group web site monthly maintenance.

8. Company listing on TamBayBiz Group web site with links to your web site and E-mail address.

9. Your company Internet address: www.tambaybiz.com/company/ (Members allotted a total of 6 web pages with up to 122 text lines and 8 graphics at www.tambaybiz.com/yourcompany/)

10. Free E-mail via Juno (Internet service not required).


Thanks for visiting our Web Site

TamBayBiz Group
P.O. Box 3707
Brandon, Florida 33509-3707

The TamBayBiz Group is a network of top professionals dedicated to helping its members use and understand the Internet