Synergy effects in social media networks

Synergy effects in social media networks

The wealth of opportunities offered by (online) marketing to increase brand awareness and, in general, to develop efficient strategies for their business, has increased dramatically in recent years. To market yourself, for example as a freelancer, you do not need your own marketer but can do a lot in this area alone. Just through Facebook, viral marketing has evolved significantly and got an immense boost. Advertising reaches a lot of people there and has become the source of revenue for Facebook.

YouTube, which has long been the place to efficiently promote almost anything on the Internet with a skilful video, has become even more important in combination with the multiplier Facebook. Not for nothing, Google has bought the video portal for a large amount of money a long time ago. Without YouTube’s top dog stance, videos like the razor-sounding start-up would not have been nearly as successful.

Similar to YouTube for video, Twitter is again the first choice for pure info that needs to be distributed quickly. The mere fact that one tweet there only in public, makes without many escapades with any privacy settings Twitter to an equal platform with Facebook. As long as you feed the various pages with their specific posts and information, you can use two free and very efficient marketing tools. You should beware that you post the same everywhere. Every social network has its own language and certain structures that work in their own way or not if you can not handle it.

Besides Facebook, there is still the relevance of Google+. Since profiles on Google’s social network can also appear in search results, if one fills these with SEO principles in mind, the site is also more noticed by marketers and companies.

Last but not least is the still relatively new Pinterest photo network. The traffic that this network generates on some blogs and corporate websites is now already well above what Facebook has ever been able to manage on brand pages. It is therefore advisable to anyone who markets a product that can be well set in the scene on a picture to deal with the peculiarities of Pinterest. Anyone who has managed to make his product with his (best, very pretty or humorous) image a place among popular images for a while has achieved an immense increase in attention for his brand.

There is no: “I do not believe in Google + / Pinterest etc.”. If you as a marketer do not use every opportunity that comes your way, you will not take your job seriously enough.